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The world of Olley Cork - Historically and naturally the best

C.Olley & Sons LTD and the manufacture of cork products have been synonymous for over 160 years. We can manufacture and supply any item in cork or cork/rubber that is required and possible.

We're proud that we've continued to competitively supply raw materials to support and encourage others to produce cork products. We adhere to a quality assurance system which complies with ISO 9001 : 2000. In order to maintain this high standard, all items we supply fall within this criteria of inspection and analysis. We are also proud of our successful sales in such diverse areas as space satellites, rockets, submarines, fighter aircraft, insulation roof systems, laboratory equipment, gaskets, fishing floats, notice boards, table mats, bungs, bottle stoppers and much much more.

As each form of cork has been introduced, we've added it to our range and worked with those materials to service every industry with it's particular requirements. Importantly, most of our products are manufactured within the UK and with our global distribution of goods, can be with you in a matter of hours, usually within three working days.

Although we have diversified both in our products and in our methods, cork quality and service have remained our philosophy.